Deep down, I am a coffee girl.


Truthfully, I have been a coffee girl my entire life (like since I was a wee babe). I remember my sister and I would drink basically cream and sugar with coffee (LOL). Thankfully we have totally weened off of this!! Although I love matcha and green tea, I believe that coffee is good for you in moderation (as with anything!). Be careful and drink what your nervous system can handle.

Making coffee is ritualistic to me (this is the same for how I make matcha). I never view this as a chore and find much comfort in it. Growing up we used a traditional coffee pot but over the last few years I have turned to using a French Press, coffee grinder and my most recent obsession, an Italian Bialetti stovetop espresso maker given to me by my boyfriend after taking a trip to Italy.

There is something completely nostalgic about using my Italian espresso maker. When I use it at home, my memory brings me back to making espresso in the kitchens of our Airbnbs. It's completely romantic to me. Not to mention that I am fascinated by the coffee culture in Italy. From drinking espresso standing at the cafe bar, to the delicious pastries that often accompany the coffee, I felt like I was in another world (which, let's be honest, I was). Each Italian cafe had it's special vibe and energy. I loved that in some cafes the baristas wore a full suit and provided a white glove treatment. It was such a refreshing experience compared to our in and out, fast paced cafes where we don't even look at the barista!! 

Although I drink a matcha now in the morning, I leave my special coffee treatment for the weekends, when I get a chance to relax with a good book or magazine. 

One of my favorite latte recipes is:

1 cup of dark roast coffee

A touch of full fat coconut milk

A pinch of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of cacao

(if you like your coffee a bit sweater, use raw honey).

Add all in a blender and you get a frothy magical cup of joe!

Kendall Knysch