Anti-inflammatory Adapogenetic Turmeric Latte

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Anti-inflammatory tonics are a go to, especially when I rev up for marathon training because my body is under a lot of stress (not to mention I have a standing desk at work). 

This golden latte is perfect right before bed. Not only is it anti-inflammatory, but it has the adapogen miracle, ashwagandha, an agent which helps the body adapt to various emotional and physical stressors. 

1-2 cups of unsweetened nut milk

1 tsp turmeric (I add a touch more)

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ashwagandha

1 pinch cardamom 

1 pinch nutmeg 

1 pinch black pepper 

1 pinch culinary lavender petals 

1 tbsp coconut butter  

1 tsp raw honey

Heat nut milk on the stove until you see steam rising, stir in all ingredients. Pour into a blender and process for 7 seconds or until frothy. Enjoy an hour to an half an hr before bed. 


Kendall Knysch