All About Pyrite

Pyrite is protective, magical and highly energetic stone. These three pieces I received from a dear friend - they are ‘activated’, meaning they change shape and form over time. Pieces will fall off and the center will shed. I personally love these stones because they remind me how beautiful and precious the passing of time is.

This crystal helps you become more in tune with different ways of thinking and helps direct new journeys. The magnetic energy of pyrite also helps repel negative thoughts and bad vibrations. Meditate with this stone to help you tap into your inner creativity and open a well of inspiration and groundedness. Enhancing your willpower during challenging times, pyrite also will help advise your decision making process and propel you into action.

Pyrite has most importantly been known as the stone of luck, helping to attract abundance and prosperity through it’s energetic power of manifestation and encourages you to follow your dreams.

Kendall Knysch