Bovina, New York

This month my sister, friend and I traveled about 4.5 hours north west of New York to a very small city called Bovina, NY. This remote town is a gem. It’s small, quaint and has a lot of New Yorkers, all of who travelled far and wide to be free of the hustle and bustle. We stayed in a quaint teepee in the middle of a vast filed, nothing but nature surrounding us. I was ready for a break and a moment of major reflection (I am going through a breakup, started a new job and am navigating fears of what I want my future to look like - EEK!!).There is something about being surrounded by trees everywhere you turn, fresh air filling your lungs. I forget what that actually feels like. There is a quiet sense of calm. And safety. Even remembering now, it puts a smile on my face. It reminds us that there is such beauty to be found in the world, even in a little town so close to the biggest city in the world.


My sister and I brought all of our crystals.

We did meditations, crystal readings and journaling to reset our minds.


We soaked in the purest water.

This tub is made from wood that expands when water is on the surface and is heated by a fire oven. It’s crazy, but the fire is just in the back and sits beneath the water. It takes about 5 hours to actually heat this small bath, but once it’s warm, you are in heaven. My sister and I sat completely naked beneath the stars in this fresh water bath. We actually saw the Milky Way, which I haven’t seen in about a decade (crazy right?!)!. The air was crisp on our hot skin and it felt incredible to stand up and let the steam rise off of us.