Just enjoy where you are now.


I am thrilled that this is my first entry! I have always wanted to start a blog but never found the ‘time’ or thought I could. Yet here I am, the busiest I have ever been in my life and I truly couldn't be happier. I hope you find inspiration or a connection with this journal! 

For my first post, I want to write a little about the act of letting go, which will carry through my journal entries. Whether we are moving on from a past love, trying to forgive a family member/friend or self-pitying because we didn’t live up to our expectations of ourselves, we all find that we are on this precipice of trying to let go.

Over the last few years, I realized how unhappy I was. I focused all my energy on work, looking perfect, obsessing with food/weight and buying things I thought would fill a giant void. Although I still struggle with many of these challenges, I am much more self-aware and use mindfulness to let my vices go. There are two quotes I discovered on Instagram that truly resonated with me: ‘just enjoy where you are now’ and ‘whatever has happened, go from here’.

How can I enjoy where I am now? How can I learn to let go despite people letting you down, hard times at work or moments when you have no self-confidence?  However, I have come to realize that learning to let go on my mindfulness journey has been key. I no longer look at failures as failures but as key life learnings, which make us wiser. When someone hurts me, I try (it’s a WIP!!) not to hold onto anger. Where I used to look in the mirror and see insignificance, I now just see myself as I am - raw and true and honest. And I honor that, both in myself and those around me. We can always find beauty where we are no matter how sad, stressed or in pain we are. Right now, I am appreciating the music coming from the street, feeling the touch of a cool summer breeze on my cheek and am thankful for the home I built (even though it’s NYC small!).

So with that, no matter what has happened in your past, you have the opportunity to move on from here so you can enjoy how you got to this very moment. Take a moment to find gratitude and love for both yourself and whatever is around you. Namaste and welcome!

Kendall Knysch