Today I truly was looking forward to picking up my second CSA share! There is nothing that gets me more excited than an organic veggie, it's like heaven to my tummy :) 

This week we got a plethora of salad items, including lettuces, red and white ‘Fakir’ radishes, arugula, young mustard greens, scallions and kohlrabi. We also had an array of cooking greens to choose from including koji, choy, kale and Swiss chard, to choose from, along with garlic scapes and zucchini (I ended up picking beautiful Koji, choy and kale as well as two big heads of lettuce). The fruit was strawberries (primarily from Yonder Farm this week) and rhubarb. 

I have never cooked with kohlrabi, koji or rhubarb so I am excited to make some delicious dishes this week!! We all know I LOVE a salad and can eat fruits and veggies all day every day so this week I will be making an array of salads. I look to instagram to find some great, creative salad recipes because I don't want to fall into the habit of always making the same variation. 

More to come!!  

Kendall Knysch