Discovering a Spiritual Journey


Today I will commence a 12 week course called the Artist’s Way, which (hopefully) will bring me closer to my creative side. Through creativity lies enlightenment or ‘God’ (whatever that might mean to you. I say ‘higher being’ or ‘Universe’). This 12 week program is a series of exercises, such as the Morning Pages, Artist’s Date and intense weekly work that ultimately allows you to tap into a higher power within yourself.

To preface why I am turning to the Artist’s Way, I will say that I feel first and foremost, lost. I was building a life (and stoked about this life) with someone, which was all of a sudden ripped away from me. It has left me very confused, lost and insecure. I could very well escape all of these feelings and keep myself busy and distracted (which A LOT of people do). Instead, I have decided to sit with my sadness, loneliness and emptiness. This might sound intense, but IT IS!! Yes I break down. Sometimes it’s every day and sometimes it’s once a week. We all have these intense feelings, especially during a life change.

BUT, I decided to put all of this energy into healing myself, so here commences the Artist’s journey. I have always questioned what spirituality means to me. It’s something that pushes me into an existential spin (EEK!!!). I do believe in karmic energy, a higher power and the ‘Universe’, but I often have a hard time applying these concepts to my life and recognizing them on a daily basis. Additionally, I have a very difficult time surrendering to the Universe and giving up control (as most of us do!).

I have had a copy of the Artist’s Way for about ten years and never felt compelled to do the work. I was certainly too young and not yet self-aware. This book recently showed up on my lap in a karmic way and I truly believe that is a message from the Universe saying ‘the time is now’. Now at this crucial turning point in my life. Now, when I am feeling a little broken and out of my league. Today, I promise myself I will put in the hard work, I will commit to myself and be as true as I can possibly be through this process. I joke that I am sleeping next to about five or six books right now, when many say I should be going out and dating. But this journey feels so right. I promised myself, no boys, only books for the next few months. I will hibernate this winter. I will mediate. I will write. I will do some creative shit. I will reflect and learn how to be still with myself. No excuses, or distractions.

Here’s to 12 weeks of me, myself, and I! The good, bad, ugly and unknown.

We meditate to discover our own identity, our right place in the scheme of the universe. Through meditation, we acquire and eventually acknowledge our connection to an inner power source that has the ability to transform our outer world. In other words, meditation gives us not only the light of insight but also the power for expansive change.
Kendall Knysch